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List of Bios.

Post by Merchant of Snow on Fri May 27, 2016 4:01 pm

Merchant of Merchants (Riddler)
Level: 27,098
Abilities: Variant Listener, Sensor, Striker, Mind Control.
Base Ability: Intelligence
Alive / Dead: Dead in 1903 by Natural Causes
Background Information: 20% Shadow, 40% Poltergeist, 40% Encrypt

Merchant of Snow
Level: 768
Abilities: Flow, Transfusion
Base Ability: None
Alive / Dead: Dead in 300BC by UNKNOWN
Background Information: 80% Shadow, 20% Poltergeist

Level: 412
Abilities: None
Base Ability: Flow
Alive / Dead: Dead in 9A.D. by tough storm. How name Kraken came to be.
BI: 88% Human Rest Unknown (Most likely Poltergeist)

Level: 15
Abilities: Variant Listener and Variant Sensor
Base: Adept Encrypt
Alive / Dead: Alive.
BI: 67% Human, 30% Encrypt, 3% Unknown

Level: 40
Abilities: None
Base: Adept Sensor
Alive / Dead: alive
BI: 52% Human, 20% Shadow, 28% Unknown

Merchant of Snow

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